Directors Note for January 2024

These are all words that our advocates and supervisors heard as they delivered Christmas to almost 200 CASA children in December.  We also took presents to more than 25 other children who were not CASA kids but lived in foster homes or households where CASA children reside. We did not want to arrive with gifts for only one or two children when other siblings would be there to see them receive their gifts.

It was “the most wonderful time of year” thanks to YOUR generosity and help providing gifts for CASA kids. CASA is blessed to be supported by a wonderful community, caring citizens, extremely generous corporations and their employees, civic clubs, churches, and even students at local schools who give from their own resources to make dreams come true for the children who would not otherwise have a Christmas.

Words alone cannot express our thanks and gratitude for your support so we have dedicated this newsletter to showing you how much Christmas meant to the children we humbly serve. We are ever so blessed to have dedicated CASA advocates and staff members who delivered Christmas wishes to more than 200 children this past holiday season.

Happy New Year from CASA!

Kevin Kyle

Executive Director