Board of Directors


Board President

Helen (Bette) Robinson
Retired Educator

Board Vice President

Clayton Williams
Law Enforcement Officer

Past Board President/Board Development Chair

Jennifer Yveta (“Y”) Phillips
Retired Fort Hood Child/Youth/Schools Division Chief

Board Secretary

Diana Miller
Assistant Superintendent, KISD

Board Treasurer

Ted MacLean
Retired Finance Officer

Board Outreach Chair

Tina Capito
Educated Angels, Inc.

Board Fundraising Chair

Lee Ann Deal
Social Work/Fundraising Professional

Volunteer Advocate Member of the Board

Christine Fletcher
Real Estate Agent/Services



Wendy Bell
Administrator/Executive Director, Indian Oaks Living Center

Cassandra Campbell
McLane Children’s Hospital, Director of Trauma, Forensics & ICU

Annette Farmer
Staff Counsel and Director of Contracting

Kerry-Ann Frazier
Director of Social Work, City of Harker Heights

Ami Hooper
Spiel Communications/Pubic Relations

Helen Pickle
Retired Educator