CASA of Bell & Coryell Counties Staff

Kelly Hardy
Executive Director 

The Board of Directors of CASA of Bell and Coryell Counties proudly announces the hiring of a new Executive Director, Mrs. Kelly M. Hardy.  Mrs. Hardy comes to CASA after completing her legal career in 2013 as a Principal County Counsel with the County of Los Angeles, California.  For 18 years, Mrs. Hardy acted as trial counsel and advice counsel for both Children’s Services Division and The Social Services Division, on behalf of The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.  Mrs. Hardy comes to us with a Bachelor of Arts, major in Criminal Justice Administration, from California State University, Fullerton and a Juris Doctorate degree from Western State University, College of Law in Fullerton, California.  In 1992, Mrs. Hardy was admitted to the California State Bar and remains an active licensed attorney in the State of California.

While Mrs. Hardy had five years of private practice experience in personal injury, labor law, and workman’s compensation, Mrs. Hardy’s career in child advocacy began with her employment by The County of Los Angeles, Office of the County Counsel, in 1997.  As Deputy County Counsel, Mrs. Hardy handled child abuse and neglect trials, from adjudication through permanency planning, for the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (The DCFS).  By 1999, Mrs. Hardy was promoted to Sr. Deputy County Counsel and courtroom supervising attorney.  In 2005, Mrs. Hardy was promoted to “Principal County Counsel,” continuing to act as trial counsel, but also providing legal administrative advice to The DCFS regarding new legislation implementation and legal training.  Mrs. Hardy also acted to attend court appearances on writs and coordinated court interactions with Family Law, Juvenile Delinquency and Criminal Courts on overlapping legal issues within the Dependency Court processes.

Throughout her career, until retirement in 2013, Mrs. Hardy provided legal advice, legal representation, and clearly-researched legal directives to the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County and its agencies within Los Angeles County, all with the intent to assure positive outcomes for children within the Los Angeles County Foster Care System.


Karli Barger
Recruiting and Training Coordinator

Lindsay Beaton
Advocate Supervisor

Marlean Druce
Administrative Assistant (Volunteer)

Michelle Hamilton
Lead Advocate Supervisor

Denise Hanley
Advocate Supervisor  

Vicki Israel
Advocate Supervisor

LaToya Moon
Administrative Assistant