Directors Note for November 2023

From the Director

And just like that……it is the holiday season.  While the holidays usually bring the joy of giving thanks in November and Christmas cheer in December, it can also be a devastating time for a child in foster care who misses being at home with mom or dad. It’s also a critical time of the year for CASA as we ask our advocates to do their very best to fill those voids and make sure each child has an opportunity to receive gifts and feel loved while they are apart from their family.

We depend on the help of many to make that happen. If you ever wonder how you can make a big difference for a small child – I have some great suggestions for you! Many people struggle to find a way to help –and it’s easy to think “I can’t change the world”.  My first goal though, is to help you understand how you can change ONE child’s life by choosing to do something for them during the holidays. Your heart will be warmed when you help us provide Christmas for CASA kids that they otherwise would not have. To see the huge smiles and the tears of happiness as kids of all ages receive gifts when they felt all alone and completely forgotten is one of the greatest joys we get to experience with our volunteers. And it is made possible by generous people who choose to do one small thing to help a child  in need.

How can you help CASA? – here are my TOP 5 ways YOU can make a difference this holiday season:

1. Donate to CASA on Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is coming up on Tuesday, November 28th. It is a nationwide initiative to spur one day of donating to your favorite charity. Please make CASA your favorite charity on Giving Tuesday. Checkout CASA website or Facebook page and click to give on November 28th. Our goal this year is to raise $2,500 on Giving Tuesday.

2. CASA Christmas Gift Campaign –CASA provides Christmas for the almost 200 children currently served by CASA volunteers right now. You can make a difference for ONE child (or sibling group) by providing Christmas gifts for them. Contact the CASA office to help make Christmas special for a CASA kid. We have a list of our children in need and suggested items on their wish list to make it easy for you to help. Call Fiona at 254-774-1881 today.

3. Become a CASA Advocate –There are more than 1,500 children in Bell and Coryell Counties not being served by a CASA simply because we don’t have enough volunteers. If you really want to change a life forever –get involved as a CASA advocate. If you are already volunteering – help us find ONE more volunteer to keep growing our workforce. Contact Melissa Ward at 254-831-8924.

4. Be a Friend of CASA Volunteer – wish to help us in other ways? We can always use volunteer help for events, fundraisers, outreach efforts, and especially at this time of year organizing, wrapping, and delivering Christmas gifts to CASA kids. If you have time to donate, contact Melissa Ward at

5.  Help build CASA awareness – you can help CASA grow by sharing CASA in your community. Invite CASA to speak at your civic club, allow CASA to make a short 15-minute presentation to your company or co-workers or your Bunko Club. Share this newsletter with your friends and family members, and be sure to check out the CASA Facebook page, Instagram, and our new LinkedIn profile! Share, like, and comment to help grow the CASA circle of friends who can learn more about who we are and what we do. Here are the links to each of these sites:

Happy Thanksgiving from CASA!

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